• "Tony was great. One of the best instructors I have had in a long time. Tony cares about the subject matter and is genuinely interested in the students understanding the content."

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the help yesterday. You absolutely helped in so many ways on helping me to understand this software. REALLY appreciated."

    Matthew D.
  • "Matt did an outstanding job walking the class through the material in a way that was not overwelming... He is very knowledgeable and led the class in a professional manner. He was clear and articulate when presenting information. Job well done Matt!"

    S. Scofield
  • "One of the best instructors I have had in a long time. Tony cares about the subject matter and is genuinely interested in the students understanding the content. "

    R. Castillo
  • "Matt did an outstanding job walking the class through the material in a way that was not overwelming...it was a natural progression through the material. "

    S. Scofield
  • "Adam is an excellent instructor and obviously cares about students learning and moving forward."

    V. Riahy
  • "Thank you and all of the others involved with the licenses and laptops to get this class off the ground this week. It was a very helpful class for me and the other students as well. "

    Christopher C.
  • "Thank you for your instruction in SolidWorks. Having no engineering experience I had been apprehensive to take your course, but you were an excellent teacher-and very patient with all of my questions! "

    John D. - R&D
  • "...I must give you and your company kudos. I noticed that (my training certificate) is being overnighted to me. I do not know of any company that would extend that courtesy to anyone...I will be returning as a customer... Thanks for the wonderful service."

    Myles D.
  • "I am enjoying this training because it is going to make the projects I am working on go so much faster! "

    S. Shomaker
  • "[...] I was very impressed with the SOLIDWORKS product & Tim Roberts at my recent 4 day Essentials class.I took the class to have a better understanding of our internal and external designers job functions. It will make me a better manager, and give me insite to make better decisions.It gives me hope, to see an American company with great products, service, people and partners. "

    K. Breish, President/CEO nextScan Inc.
  • "This is my first event with GoEngineer [Shape Your World] and I enjoy the Face to Face to aspect with all the Technical Resources. "

    R. Peterson- Product Development Engineer from Environmental LED
  • "I like the flexibility of the open sessions. It is great to have multiple classes we can choose from that relate to our needs and business. [Shape Your World]"

    J. Wong - Sr. Staff Mechanical Engineer, Western Digital
  • "Easily the best instruction I've have received for and CAD training (we're talking 25 years experience). Paul does a good job bringing in his real world experience and combines it with the fundamentals of this course."

    R. Mees
  • "[...] Thanks for putting on a great training conference yesterday.You guys are doing some great things on engaging your user base here recently, and as always we appreciate your continued support here at Pipeline Equipment."

    S. Burns – Pipeline Equipment, Inc.
  • "What a STELLAR maintenance technician Luis is! It's rare that we call, but whenever we do and describe the problem he always knows exactly what it is and what to do."

    J. Bouwkamp
  • "This kind of quick help is why we chose GoEngineer as our preferred VAR. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the years!! "

    W. Stevens
  • "I have never experienced the kind of dedication to their customers that GoEngineer team has shown in customer support/feedback."

    T. Turner - Mechanical Designer
  • "Andrew was very accurate in his understanding, asking appropriate questions and walking through the steps to troubleshoot the problem. "

    R. Feliciano - Mechanical Designer
  • "Tyler was able to quickly get us past an issue that had plagued our new laptop installs. He was professional, helpful, and continued to work through our issues to find resolution. "

    D. Worcester - Systems Administrator
  • "Thanks, Tim…I’ll maybe keep you posted on progress via e-mail…appreciate your time this morning---you and your tech team are terrific!!"

  • "I am writing to express my appreciation with the technical support I received last week. After solving my problem, Andrew followed up to make sure everything was working. "

    Shahram S.
  • "Thank you so much, you know how to get things done! You saved my butt."

    Eric B.
  • "You are very welcome, as I stated I have being doing business with your team for several years now, and I have nothing but praise for all of you…"

    Gerard W.
  • "Thank you for your diligence and hard work I know that problem was not easy. "

    Kevin T.
  • "For what it's worth, if I get a survey from GoEngineer or SolidWorks I will definitely put down excellent tech support :)"

    Ricardo P. - Mechanical Engineer
  • "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I’ll now try to run my frequency and static studies using this meshed model. You are the best!"

    Stan - Mechanical Engineer
  • "I really appreciate your help, you are doing an awesome job."

    John D. - Mechanical Engineer
  • "Thank you ALL for your off hours support that made my annual upgrade go very smoothly. All my users are happily using SolidWorks today and that is the way I like it. "

    Jim T. - IT Support
  • "Thanks again for your world-class advice and follow-up!"

    Matt S.
  • "Your applications engineers are top notch. They included a sample model to help demonstrate flat pattern. That had been stumping me for the longest time."

    Mark S.
  • "The fix worked great. Tech asked the right questions and gave me the correct answers."

    Roger A.
  • "You absolutely helped in so many ways on helping me to understand this software. REALLY appreciated. I am sure I will need some help again but this is really proving to be something helpful I believe."

    Matthew D. - Drafter/Designer
  • "...It’s nice to be included in a group of people that always reach out to others to help and support them. I appreciate the affiliation with [GoEngineer]."

    J. Gilmore - Senior Subsea Designer
  • "Wanted to say thanks for helping us get our machine up and running again. I printed out several parts yesterday and it had a full load last night. The machine seems to be working well and is making good parts."

    M. McLean, Design Supervisor
  • "I just wanted you to know that we appreciate every ones effort from getting us connected with the right people, troubleshooting by phone and email, printing parts we needed and installing the replacement pieces."

    M. McLean, Design Supervisor
  • "I think this is awesome! I have been learning quite a bit of the program on my own and also with the help of Bruce Shawler. I look forward to learning anything new that I can pick up from this seminar.!!!"

    R. Dilan
  • "I think this is awesome! I have been learning quite a bit of the program on my own and also with the help of Bruce S.. I look forward to learning anything new that I can pick up from this seminar"

    R. Dilan
  • "Thank you to both GoEngineer as a company and yourself as an representative for the informative presentation. I look forward to incorporating some of the techniques you demonstrated."

    W. Heins
  • "Fantastic webinar, I really found it useful and it gave us some good ideas. Thanks for the well-handled answers to our questions also. Good work."

    Al -Senior R&D Engineer
  • "I attended [a] CAMWorks Webinar...and was delighted with the experience. I even learned some stuff...Well worth the time to attend. I want to attend them all."

    Richard Williams
  • "I had the chance to attend the rollout for SolidWorks 2014... It was great!! Thank you for your effort and dedication. "

    G. Lucero
  • "I am always excited to attend a rollout. GoEngineer does a great job making the event enjoyable. Seeing all the new features and products allow easy answers for purchasing decisions. "

    G. Brown
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to the SolidWorks 2014 launch. It was very informative. I appreciate all your help to make me feel welcome."

    A. Trujillo
  • "Thanks so much for having GoEngineer come to our underwater robotics competition. I think it makes a big difference to have local companies there to show the kids where they could work in the future and how interesting technology is. I really appreciate having you there. We hope to see you next year"

    R. Hurd – Research Assistant
  • "I just wanted to express my thanks for today’s event (SOLIDWORKS Launch). It was informative and concise. Even though the 2015 software was being demonstrated, I learned several tricks that I can use now."

    C. Ratliff - Mfg.Electrical Engineer
  • "This is the best rollout I’ve been to. Content was relevant. Presentation by TITAN from MAVTV manufacturing Show very compelling. Hard to beat this one."

    T.Vu - Philips Lumileds
  • "Can’t wait to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2015"

    J. Armato, ParaMit
  • "Loved the SOLIDWORKS information and technology. Loved TITAN from the MAVTV show!"

    C. Ruby, Cynthia Ruby and Assoc. Inc.
  • "TITAN from MAVTV show and the SOLIDWORKS & Stratasys Kids’ Camp presentations were excellent! A reward goes to the SOLIDWORKS presenter, very well organized."

    G. Vanltoy, Ruckus Wireless
  • "The 3D Experience is amazing. The 3D printing is cool! Excited about many new SOLIDWORKS features! "

    J. Liu, Finisar
  • "Looking forward to SOLIDWORKS 2015 with simulation package for thermal."

    M. Liu, Azbil North America
  • "GoEngineer is the greatest! My Kids’ need camp t-shirts!"

    D. Baney
  • "Amazing SOLIDWORKS 2015 presentation! Loved the TITAN MAVTV show. Great mix of features, community involvement and pro-manufacturing televised shows!"

    M. Vijay, Western Digital
  • "I wanted to appreciate our gratitude at Utah Underwater Robotics for GoEngineer's generous support of our outreach efforts over the years and also your willingness to sponsor our competition this year. Organizations like GoEngineer make these efforts possible. We know this experience means a lot to these students. "

    R. Hurd - Bringham Young University
  • "This event [Shape Your World] is a great concept! It [gave] us a great understanding of the vast product availability and technical resources GoEngineer has to offer."

    N. De Beer- Design Engineer From EMED
  • "Thank you so much for giving my kids this wonderful opportunity. They were thrilled with the experience and achievement."

    J. Dominguez
  • "Thank you for having my daughter attend your 3D Design Kids Camp. She LOVED it and had a great time, and was very excited about what she learned. Lovely to see so many girls getting excited about science and technology."

    M. Candell
  • "[My son] is still riding the high. He finds this one day camp inspiring and validating. Great to see him find a place he feels so connected to... He has installed the software you gave him and will be teaching me to use it."

    Mark - Dad
  • "Thank you for the great session at the Kids Camp. [My daughter] had so much fun while learning to design using SolidWorks – the best combination!"

    Angie - Mom
  • "My son enjoyed being able to use the software and see 3D printed items. It’s events like this that stimulate creativity and inspire young people to build their future. Thank you for a great customer experience."

    D. Huffaker, Lufthansa Technik
  • "Thank you GoEngineer team for the 3D Kids Camp. My daughters have a new appreciation for SOLIDWORKS, 3D technology and engineering. Well done! "

    Chris - Dad
  • "I will be exploring materials on kb.goengineer.com. I was not aware of it."

    G. Hyde
  • "It is a huge benefit for my team to attend these training's [SOLIDWORKS Launch Event] to show new features."

    T. Wooden