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Share SOLIDWORKS 2014 - Increased Performance by Matt Morgan
Learn the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2014 that will cut the time it takes to design your products. You'll also learn how enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Plastics, CircuitWorks and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation will help you get your job done faster.
Share SOLIDWORKS - Plastic Design to Prototype by David Waltzman
Learn about designing, validating, and ensuring the manufacturability of an injection molded part in SOLIDWORKS.
Share SOLIDWORKS - Installing Trial Versions of SOLIDWORKS by Adam Hughes
Learn the Step by Step Instructions for installing trial versions of SOLIDWORKS such as Plastics, Simulation and Flow over an existing installation of SOLIDWORKS. For additional information
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Advanced Simulation Intro to Warp Analysis by Bruce Shawler
Learn the additional steps it takes to obtain the final part dimensions on a plastic injection molded part using the Warp Analysis module offered in the SOLIDWORKS Advanced Plastics Simulation package.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Plastics Webinar by David Waltzman
Learn about all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Plastics in this 30 minute webinar.
Share Stratasys - 3D Printed Mold Project by Tony Riggs
Learn about how we used a Hot Wheels toy and a printed mold to make custom parts.
Share SOLIDWORKS – Part Thickness Analysis by Bruce Shawler
Learn how to use the thickness analysis functionality found in SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium. This allows you to check for Minimum and Maximum wall thickness for plastics, casted, formed sheetmetal, and machined parts.
Share SOLIDWORKS 2014 – In Mold Residual Stress & Displacement by Bruce Shawler
Learn how to transfer residual stress results from SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium 2014 pack results to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to obtain "in mold" stresses and final part displacements.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Creating Custom Gates by Bruce Shawler
Learn how to create Edge, Fan & Custom Gate sizes in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Simulation Symposium by David Waltzman
Learn about a handful of applications across SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Flow Simulation, and Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS 2015 What's New - Plastics by Bruce Shawler
Learn about new time saving functionality built into SolidWorks 2015 Plastics Professional.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Injection Molding Insights by Arun Thiraviam
Learn how to simulate the injection molding process for plastic parts with SOLIDWORKS Plastics and use the integrated simulation tools in SOLIDWORKS to optimize plastic part designs for manufacturing and strength. Also featured in the webinar is an injection molding validation case study for a real plastic part.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Troubleshooting Your Mesh by Shivani Patel
Learn the basics of each of the eight customization pages, and go through ways to manually adjust the mesh when common errors occur in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Exporting Plastics Simulation Results by Derrick Franklin
Learn how to export Plastics simulation results from SOLIDWORKS Plastics to eDrawings.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Webinar from February 2014 by Corey Bower
Learn how to analyze fill, residual stress, warp and over-molding of single and multiple part molds in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium – Introduction by David Waltzman
Learn the features in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional that make it possible to intelligently iterate your plastic part design before cutting your first mold.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Sink Marks and Ribs by Tony Botting
Learn about predicting sink marks in SOLIDWORKS Plastics. We review some rib design tips that can help mitigate sink marks at the junction of the wall and the rib (from Clive Maier's book).
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Cooling Line Design by Arunachalam Thiraviam
Learn about incorporating cooling lines in Injection Molding analysis using SOLIDWORKS Plastics. The webinar goes over the reasons for plastic part warpage and the influence of cooling channels on plastic part quality.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Using Batch Manager to Run Multiple Studies by Derrick Franklin
Learn how to setup multiple analysis jobs to run immediately or at a later time using SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Element Types by Tony Botting
Learn about the two basic element types, and when you might use them, in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Runner Design Function by Tony Botting
Learn about the Runner Design Function for Shell models in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Measure & Probe Tool by Tony Botting
Learn about the Measure and Probe tool in SOLIDWORKS Plastics. It is quite useful for probing results and can be used to find the time to fill particular features, for example.
Share SOLIDWORKS Simulation - How to Input Curve Data from a Graph by Taran Packer
Learn how to digitize and input curve data into SOLIDWORKS Simulation from only a X-Y plot graph. PlotDigitizer tool =
Share SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Enhancing Analysis Results with 3D Printing by Arvind Krishnan
Learn about options to do more with your simulation results and enhance it's uses with 3D Printing. The main areas of focus are Manufacturing Tooling, Printing Flow & FEA Results and finally Functional Prototyping with Deformed Results in this SOLIDWORKS Simulation Webinar
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - An Introduction by Shivani Patel
If you make injection molded parts, SOLIDWORKS Plastics can potentially help you by making predictive analysis a part of your design process. Watch this webinar to get answers to: Precisely what information can SOLIDWORKS Plastics give me? What information do I need to set up a Plastics study? Can it analyze my particular specialized injection technique?
Share SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plastics - Shell Meshing by Arvind Krishnan
Learn how to define a shell mesh in SOLIDWORKS Simulation as compared to SOLIDWORKS Plastics and highlights some of the differences.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Generating Reports by Derrick Franklin
Learn how to communicate the results of an analysis to others using an automatically generated PowerPoint file and Word Document in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Short Shot by Tony Botting
Learn various ways to identify and plot short shot results, and suggested solutions using SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Cooling Lines by David Waltzman
Learn the effect of cooling lines in a virtual mold and the resultant temperature profiles in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Automatic Valve by Jeff Lendermon
Learn about instructions to setup and run SWx Plastics Analysis using automated valve gate timing for large part with hot runner system.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Co-injection Gas Assist Valve Gating by Jeff Lendermon
Learn how to set up to run Overmold, Co-injection two-shot molding, Gas-Assisted molding, and Valve Gating in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Using Model Manager to Copy Projects by Derrick Franklin
Learn how to use the model manager in SOLIDWORKS Plastics to copy a project, with or without results, and test multiple scenarios of the same part with different settings.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional – Introduction by David Waltzman
Learn the features in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional that make it possible to intelligently iterate your plastic part design before cutting your first mold.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Configuration Support by Tony Botting
Learn how to turn-on the Configuration Support in SOLIDWORKS Plastics. The software will automatically create unique results folders for each configuration.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation - Designing a Runner System by Shivani Patel
Learn about going through the design process of creating a runner system, from 3D sketching, to using the Channel Design functionality, to using the Runner Balancing tool. After the webinar you will be able to quickly produce graphical runners in a family mold, run a runner balancing analysis, and compare with physically modeled runners.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Gate Fill Contributions by Bruce Shawler
Learn about the benefit in using SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation Standard's "Gate Fill Contribution" result plot to analyze the best locations and the number of gates needed to easily fill a cavity in a complex injection molded part.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Model Manager by Tony Botting
Learn to use the built-in file manager tool called "Model Manager", to duplicate files and create a batch run in SOLIDWORKS Plastics!
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Runner Balancing Tips by Tony Botting
Learn about the Runner Balancing software in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium, and some tips on design.
Share SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL - Concept to Creation Webinar - Rocket Design by Darin Grosser
Darin @ GoEngineer takes you thru his process of going from that Idea in your head to something Real. We will go thru capturing a concept by using Napkin Sketches, Photos, other digital sources and even discuss the possibilities of using Scan Data. Once in SOLIDWORKS, we will look at leveraging what we know to create something unique but using good Design Intent, we will guard against what is virtually certain during any design.......CHANGE!! Satisfied with a concept, we will 'product' our parts thru readily available sources and then test our product to see if it performs as anticipated. This test data naturally will show us what works well, but more importantly, what we need to improve drastically, or where simple tweaks might be desirable. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, these steps can be applied to make the idea you have trapped in our head absolutely REAL!! Look out for future videos from Darin @ Go and follow me on Twitter to see my video creation as it happens!! @GOwithDarin Also, follow us on Social media to get updates on what's new in the SOLIDWORKS universe!!
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Tutorial - Webinar Validating Plastic Part Design by Jeff Lendermon
This webinar recording is an introduction to the SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation add-in. This webinar focuses on SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard and how it can be a useful tool to help eliminate injection molding problems by validating the part design. The video shows the ease of setup in SOLIDWORKS Plastics. It includes best practices of meshing, specifying a gate location, and selecting a plastic material. The results of the analysis will be reviewed focusing on uniform wall thickness, part mass, cooling time, and overall cycle. The goal of this study is to validate the part design to eliminate sink marks and reduce overall part cost. This webinar was presented by Jeff Lendermon, an Application Engineer for GoEngineer with over 30 years experience in the injection molding industry.
Share SOLIDWORKS & 3D Printing - Prototyping Your Injection Molds by Alex Leon & Arvind Krishnan
Learn how the power of SOLIDWORKS, Inspection, Plastics and 3D Printing will enable you to test injection molding defects and compare them to the First Article Inspection Report before creating the first mold for a Thermostat Casing.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics - Virtual Injection Molding by Arun Thiraviam
Learn about utilizing the Integrated Injection Molding analysis tool in SOLIDWORKS Plastics to improve Plastic part Design. This webinar covers: • Setting up an injection molding analysis • Determining optimum cycle time • Utilizing Warp results to improve Plastics part design
Share SOLIDWORKS Flow & Plastics 2018 by GoEngineer
Learn about the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2018.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics by GoEngineer
SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation software allows the designer to verify that their parts can be manufactured. It helps the mold designer to test their mold for efficiency and accuracy. And it allows the manufacturer to test mold cooling and check for part warpage.
Share Shape Your World 2017 - Casting & Molding by Tandy Banks
Learn how solidThining Click 2 Cast can aid in the design of cast metal components. We show how SOLIDWORKS Plastics help us design great plastic components. This video is part of the sessions delivered at GoEngineer's Shape Your World 2017.
Share SOLIDWORKS 2017 - PLASTICS by Tandy Banks
SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017 provides more flexibility and control when defining your plastics design studies as well as better performance and accuracy for interpreting those results. Let’s take a look at some of the many new features found in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017.
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics and Flow Training Event - Analyzing Beer Tap by Shivani Patel & Jeff Lendermon
Have you ever watched someone pull on a custom tap handle and wondered but how could I design my own? In this online event we explore analyses on a tap in two different ways: the manufacture of the tap handle, and the angle of the perfect pour. Learn how to run transient fluid flow analysis and find optimized results for a free surface flow. Learn how to design a mold, check for sink marks, and simulate overmolding. Bonus: What 3D Printing technologies were used for the prototype?
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Tutorial - Looking at Return on Investment by Jeff Lendermon This recorded webinar by Jeff Lendermon looks at the functionality in SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation add-in and how it can help plastic part designers, mold designers, and processors limit the cost of change by simulating the injection molding process early in the part design phase. This recorded webinar looks at the return on investment for SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard by analyzing a part and finding a defect. The cost to rework the injection mold is compared to list pricing of SOLIDWORKS Plastics standard. Jeff Lendermon is an Elite Application Engineer with GoEngineer with over 30 years experience in the injection molding industry.
Share SOLIDWORKS 2020 Simulation Tutorial - SIMULIA Structural Professional Engineer by Arunachalam Thiraviam
Structural Professional Engineer is a brand-new Structural simulation tool in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. It brings you the convenience of using your native SOLIDWORKS CAD models within an advanced Nonlinear Simulation program. Powered by the world-renown ABAQUS simulation solver, this simulation tool gives users access to: - Large deformation analysis - Advanced material models for Metals, Rubbers and Plastics - Accurate Contact Simulation Presented by Arunachalam Thiraviam
Share SOLIDWORKS Plastics Reliable Results by Jeff Lendermon
Learn best practices to get a good mesh in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Injection molding simulation. What to look for when your analysis indicates a short shot. Learn the different cooling study solvers and why a cooling study is important.