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Share API - Save a Drawing as a PDF Macro by Nathan Dunn
Macro that saves currently open drawing in SOLIDWORKS as a pdf to the same folder with the same name.
Share API - How To Automate Tree Display Settings by Justin Wallace
This macro contains code that shows you how to set tree display settings through the SOLIDWORKS API. It turns on Names for Feature, Component, and Component Configuration. It turns off Descriptions for Feature, Component, and Component Configuration.
Share API - Update BOM Configuration by Nathan Dunn
Macro that updates all drawing BOM's to reference Default configurations.
Share API - Quickly Add Configurations To Parts And Assemblies by Justin Wallace
The macro presents the user with a form so they can enter as many configuration names that are required to be added to their part or assembly. With a click of the button, each entry will result in a new configuration being created in the active document.
Share API - Create Individual Files For Each Configuration/Sheet by Justin Wallace
The macro will then take the active document and create a new file in the same directory with a new name following this structure: original filename space hyphen space configuration/sheet name. It will warn you to overwrite if a file with that name already exists. Each of the new files will only contain one configuration/sheet with all of the others removed hence splitting the original file out into separate files for each configuration/sheet found in the original active document. No changes will be made to the active document itself.
Share API - How To Switch Active Sheets And Configurations by Justin Wallace
Have a large part, assembly, or drawing that takes forever to load when you switch sheets or configurations? With Activator you select which sheets or configurations you need to work with and it will load the referenced models into memory so you don’t have to sit there and switch configurations or sheets manually one at a time.
Share API - See Which Configurations Your Features Are Used In by Justin Wallace
The macro gets all features of a part or assembly and then builds a tree view showing those features. When you expand a node on the tree, you can see what configurations the feature is not suppressed in hence which configurations it is used in.
Share API – Export Each Configuration As A STEP File by Justin Wallace
The macro will take the active document, loop through activating each configuration, and create a new STEP file in the directory selected by the user with the filename being set to the same name as the configuration.
Share SOLIDWORKS API - Copy Custom Property values to Another Custom Property by Jeff Jensen
This macro can be used to copy the existing value of custom properties to a new or existing custom property in the same file. The macro can be run on SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings in a specified folder.
Share SOLIDWORKS API - Rename with Custom Property by Jeff Jensen
This macro can be used to quickly rename the active file in SOLIDWORKS with the value from a Custom Property. By default, the macro is setup to rename the file using the custom property ‘PartNo’. The macro can be modified to change this to any desired custom property.
Share SOLIDWORKS API - Batch Convert Files by Jeff Jensen
This macro can be used to batch convert SOLIDWORKS models and drawings to another file format. You can specify different file types for models and drawings and optionally append ‘Revision’ custom property to converted filename.
Share SOLIDWORKS API - Scale 3D Sketch Points by Jeff Jensen
This macro allows you to scale the location for points in a 3D sketch. This is handy if you have created 3D sketch points with the document units set to the wrong unit system. The macro will allow you to adjust their locations without having to recreate them.