• "[My son] couldn't stop talking about everything he did in class and was so proud to show me the designs he had done. I just tucked him in bed and he wants to stay up until my husband gets home to tell him about his SOLIDWORKS day."

    Heidi - Mom
  • "I think this is an extremely unique experience that you guys are offering [SOLIDWORKS Kids Camp] and I really commend you for doing this!"

    W. Grant
  • "I really enjoy GoEngineer’s services and think offering this to kids is a great idea! Both boys are very mature, easily teachable, and love to tinker!"

    M. Bjork
  • "They will finally understand what I do on a daily basis. Many thanks to GoEngineer for hosting this event; we need more young creative minds in the industry to improve innovation. Thanks Again!"

    J. Knabenschuh
  • "I applaud you for doing these kid camps. I am happy to see this being done. Great going."

    R. Williams
  • "They had so much fun and could not stop talking about their experience. They are already asking me to sign them up for next summer, and to find out if there are more classes offered throughout the year!"

  • "My favorite part was being able to express my artistic side through technology. I, [J.Foster] LOVED making 3D models."

    J.Foster - 11yrs old
  • "I have to say I was shocked by how much he learned. A picture being worth a thousand words, he came home and with very little help he modeled this bridge part for his slot car track."

    J. Martin
  • "Thank you so much for giving my kids this wonderful opportunity. They were thrilled with the experience and achievement."

    J. Dominguez
  • "Thank you for having my daughter attend your 3D Design Kids Camp. She LOVED it and had a great time, and was very excited about what she learned. Lovely to see so many girls getting excited about science and technology."

    M. Candell
  • "[My son] is still riding the high. He finds this one day camp inspiring and validating. Great to see him find a place he feels so connected to... He has installed the software you gave him and will be teaching me to use it."

    Mark - Dad
  • "Thank you for the great session at the Kids Camp. [My daughter] had so much fun while learning to design using SolidWorks – the best combination!"

    Angie - Mom
  • "My son enjoyed being able to use the software and see 3D printed items. It’s events like this that stimulate creativity and inspire young people to build their future. Thank you for a great customer experience."

    D. Huffaker, Lufthansa Technik
  • "Thank you GoEngineer team for the 3D Kids Camp. My daughters have a new appreciation for SOLIDWORKS, 3D technology and engineering. Well done! "

    Chris - Dad
  • "I liked designing our pens and playing around on SOLIDWORKS. I enjoyed my experience because it was fun, educational, and I didn't waste away the day on my iPad."

    Eli - Age 12
  • "I had a great time. My favorite part was being able to free-model and model whatever we wanted. I learned many things and that makes me happy because I love to learn and I haven't learned much since school got out."

    Katherine - Age 13
  • "My favorite part was assembling the pen and putting it together on the computer."

    Jack - Age 12
  • "I loved it because we learned what we could do with 3D printers."

    Rustin - Age 12
  • "My experience was great! My favorite part was probably making the pen. I love the colors! I chose them because they are the colors of my football teams!"

    Kathryn - Age 13
  • "I really enjoyed being there. I had lots of fun. Learning to use the software was my favorite part and making the pen was my second favorite thing of the day."

    Rebecca - Age 12
  • "My experience was educational and fun. My favorite part was when we designed the pen in SOLIDWORKS."

    Keaton - Age 12
  • "It was the best thing I've done in the summer for the second year in a row."

    Cale - Age 14
  • "It was amazing! Creating the pen was my favorite part."

    Alexander - Age 14
  • "This was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot and the teachers were amazing, fun to be with, and all around cool! Thank you!"

    Dawsan - Age 14
  • "My experience at GoEngineer was great! We got to go check out lots of 3D printed things and look at machines in action, and had hands-on experience with working together to complete tasks. To top it off we were given lots of keepsakes."

    Sean - Age 15
  • "It was really fun to learn how to use the SOLIDWORKS program and mess around with the tools. Everyone there, especially the teachers, are really nice, and I wanted to tell them thank you! This place is awesome!"

    Cydnie - Age 14